1. Medical Benefit
The staff member shall enjoy out-patient medical benefits provided by the Government Hospital, the Government Health Centres, the Kiang Wu Hospital, the Campus Health Care Service, and appointed medical institutions, which are mostly free with certain exceptional items as stipulated in relevant regulations, on condition of a monthly contribution of 0.5% of his/her basic remuneration. Moreover, the staff member shall be covered by the hospitalization medical insurance plan for in-patient care at any qualified medical institutions worldwide.

For eligible family members, they shall also enjoy the medical benefits according to relevant regulations.

2. Provident Fund
The staff member may enjoy the provident fund scheme of the University on a voluntary basis. For those who join the scheme, both the staff member and the University shall contribute a monthly amount equal to a percentage of the staff member’s basic monthly remuneration. The monthly contribution of the University can be up to 15% while that of the staff member can range from 5% to 10%, which is up to the staff member’s own preference. Contributions from the staff member and the University shall cease either upon the cessation of employment relation, or upon the staff member’s normal retirement age of 65 years old.

Percentage of the University’s Contribution to the Provident Fund
Completed Years of Service Percentage of the University’s Contribution Percentage of Staff Members’ Contribution
Less than 7 10% 5% to 10%*
7 or above 15%
 *The percentage must be a whole number.

Percentage of Employer’s Accumulated Benefits on Provident Fund Payable to the Member
Completed Years of Service Percentage of the Employer’s
Accumulated Benefits Payable to the Member
Less than 3 Nil
3 and less than 6 60%
6 and less than 9 80%
9 or above 100%

3. Staff Privilege

Full-time staff member can enjoy various privileges from different companies and associations in the areas such as banking, F&B, transportation, hotels and other activities.

4. Seniority Premium
The seniority premium for each five-year term of service amounts to 10 index points*. It shall be paid in the monthly remuneration to any staff member upon his/her completion of every five-year period of uninterrupted service for the University.

*At present, 1 index point = MOP 94. While USD 1 = around MOP 8.

Last Modified: 3 January 2024